Name of Individual
or Business Entity
CairQQ Date Established 2/17/2020
Doing Business As (DBA) Name Business Entity Type
Address Jakarta, Indonesia Vendor/Supplier Type
City, State Labore aspernatur cu, Jakarta Number of Employees
County, Country Not Applicable, Indonesia Website Address
Zip 38285 Date Created 2/17/2020 7:16:52 AM


Name Brian Buck, Harrison Blake Contact Type Primary
Position Magna tempora quae o Phone (184) 697-7925
Email Address Phone Ext 1942837
Address Jakarta, Indonesia Fax Ext 1397463
City, State Labore aspernatur cu, Jakarta Fax (138) 153-5143
County, Country Not Applicable, ID Toll-Free Phone
Zip 38285 Toll-Free Phone Ext

Commodity Codes

Commodity CodeCommodity Description
578-39Gambling Equipment and Accessories

Contractor for Construction Licenses

This vendor has not entered any license information.